Yuhigaura hot spring ‘Bijin-no-yu (Beauty bath)’ is in Amino-cho, Kyotango-shi and we are proud of the sunset over the magnificent Japan sea and splendid nature.
Kaikatei Shihoukaku is well located with a 5 minute walk to Yuhigaura beach which is in the top 100 Most Beautiful Sunsets in Japan.
Please enjoy a peaceful time in our ryokan where every detail has been perfected to provide a serene Japanese ambience.


The lobby has tall glass windows in a spacious, double height room where you can rest and heal your mind in front of the quietly flowing waterfall.
Kaikatei Shihoukaku has accessibility for physically disabled people and a wheelchair is also available.

Wine cellar

We have a variety of wines available to complement your dining experience. Please ask for your favourite wine (additional charge).

Japanese garden

When you pass through the gate of Shihoukaku, well-kept Japanese gardens will welcome you.
You can enjoy beautiful flowers in every season of the year.

Have a comforting time which melts away your everyday fatigue…
You can take a body massage and relaxing beauty therapy.
Our masseuse or beautician will loosen up your tired body slowly with relaxing music playing quietly in the background.

Aromatic body treatment

You will be surrounded by the delightful aroma while the soothing treatment will improve lymph flow by removing all stress and stiffness.

【A】Aromatic upper body treatment
(lower and upper back, shoulders, neck, arms and décolletage)
45 minutes \7,200
【B】Aromatic leg and foot treatment
(Lymph care of soles and all the legs)
45 minutes \7,200
【C】Aromatic body treatment
(legs and back)
60 minutes \9,800
【D】Aromatic full body treatment
(Full body except belly)
90 minutes \14,200

Facial treatment

It will lead to a rejuvenated skin by improving circulation.

【E】Moisturizing facial and décolletage treatment
(cleansing, facial treatment, moisturizing mask, décolleté and skin tightening)
40 minutes \6,600
【F】Mature skin facial and décolletage treatment
(cleansing, facial treatment, placenta pack, décolletage and hands and skin tightening)
60 minutes \10,800
【G】Detox, revitalizing facial treatment
(neck and shoulders treatment, cleansing, facial treatment, carbonate pack, décolletage and hands and skin tightening)
80 minutes \14,400

Facial & Body treatments

These are treatment packages to care for both the face and body together.

【H】Moisturizing facial and aromatic body treatment 100 minutes \16,400
【I】Rejuvenating facial for mature skin and aromatic body treatment 120 minutes \19,500

Quick rejuvenation

Revitalizing and refreshing treatment for a short time.

【J】Eyes, head and décolletage
(around eyes, head, décolletage and arms)
40 minutes \6,400
【K】Neck and feet
(neck, shoulders and feet below the knees)
40 minutes \6,400


Course menus can be combined for a personalized treatment.

【x】Head treatment 15 minutes \2,400
【y】Reflexology foot massage 20 minutes \3,200
【z】Shoulders and upper back 20 minutes \3,200
Enquiries / Business hours
  • Business hours 15:00 ~ 23:00
  • Bookings are made on a first come first serve basis and reservations can be made on the day. (Please kindly note that we might not have sessions available on the day, depending on the status of our reservations.)
  • Last call for a booking is at 20:00. Last appointment can start at 21:00.
  • Please come to the beauty salon at least 5 minutes before your booking time.
To our guests who have a treatment
  • If you drink a lot of alcohol, you are feeling ill, under medical care or are pregnant, please let us know in advance.
  • Depending on your physical condition, please understand that we might not be able to provide treatment.
Other requests
  • Our treatment is not a medical treatment, we only provide a service for relaxation purposes.
  • Only the person who takes the treatment can enter the beauty salon.
  • Please kindly note that if you cancel at the last minute, there will be a cancelation fee.

Facility basic information

Address 198 Kitsu, Amino-cho, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto 629-3241, Japan
Telephone No. +81-772-74-1331
Accommodation 90 people
18 guest rooms 14 Japanese style rooms and 4 regular rooms with a private hot spring
Public hot spring baths with panoramic view separate baths for men and women
Small public baths separate baths for men and women
Public open air baths with garden views separate baths for men and women
Parking Free parking available